…unless he is a professional photographer. However difficult meeting your budget is, do never try to save money on your photos. Along with your wedding ring and gifts, wedding photos are the only thing to last. Moreover, as time will pass, you will appreciate looking at a high quality photo proudly hung on a wall in your living room rather than a small picture in a frame.

Spending a lot of time with the photographer, you find important to meet him several times before the wedding day.  In case you find him confident, just let all decisions regarding the photos on him. On the other hand, do not style yourself to poses which are not natural to you and your personality. Letting things go, one can completely capture unexpected moments. Try not to focus on the photographer at the wedding, behave as if he was not there. If it is a good photographer he knows how to do his job and capture the appropriate moments. Always be yourself! Just enjoy your day and the overall enjoyment will then be projected via flash to your album.

Do not choose the photographer by place of the ceremony/reception. In times of developed transport infrastructure is not a problem to move all equipment over long distances. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of working with local photographers, but in principle, you’re your priority to images and personalities than distance.

Just as is the case with other wedding vendors, do not forget to communicate with the photographer what is important to you. You would better make sure both sides understood correctly what you have agreed on in writing.

During the ceremony do not underestimate the light or location in general. Your wedding agency should basically help you with that but pay attention to the photographer as well. Ask for advice regarding the appropriate time for the ceremony at a particular location you selected as well as the direction you stand during the ceremony. Do not forget to think about the sunset, how much time is needed, how many groups will eventually take photos etc. Be prepared before the sun sets. On the other hand, photos in the light of candles or artificial lights have certainly its charm too.

Finally, the rule number one – ask for services of a wedding coordinator. Photos are always more beautiful if the bride truly enjoys her big day.