Dreaming about their perfect wedding day, a princess is still sleeping with all the sweetness. Meanwhile, behind her door, a busy day started in the early morning. A group of numerous servants is finishing the very last details of the wedding preparations. A car park is ready so we can begin with decorations. We are particularly excited about a special edition of the vehicle registration plate for the newly married couple. Drivers´ uniforms go with the overall design, ribbons are firmly secured and the onboard service could easily compete with the world-class airline level. While the first team is responsible for preparations of a ceremony venue, the other team has already started working on a reception during the previous day. Installation of decorations, lighting, sound system including all the rehearsals should not be underestimated.

Time for the wedding guests. One by one, including a groom, car by car, they all have arrived at the central door of the bride´s palace. The princess is being treated by her hairdresser, stylist and photographer. It is time to ensure safe transportation of all participants to Cervena Lhota Castle. With strong sun rays and temperature attacking the thirties, the summer is evident at every step. Moreover, road workers are trying to complicate this path to happiness; however, to their misfortune, we are equipped with modern technology and for sure we had pre-planned different routes to avoid complications. Everyone reached the ceremony destination. The groom is obviously getting impatient as he would like to see his beloved but according to the bride´s wish nobody but witnesses, bridesmaids and us is allowed to see her in advance. The total number of wedding guests exceeds 70, and therefore it is necessary to orderly settle the crowd into their place. Refreshment is a must due to such hot weather. Now, everyone is waiting for the missing detail – the fabulously beautiful princess walking to the altar with her father. With the amount of emotions and live music, lots of people tearfully accept the offered hankies.

After the ceremony, it is time for royal portraits. According to the list, all of the participants gradually stood in front of the photographer. Now we need to meet another logistic task – transport the entire group, except for the couple who will take another series of photos, to the reception venue. Everything runs smoothly as in the fairy tale. After the arrival of the just married two, the second part of the wedding day full of joy, food and fun stars. No words needed, pictures tell the story better…

We wish this lovely couple to start building their future in such a good humour as during their wedding day. For those of you, who might feel too sweet for the princess wedding, we have a simple rule – love is sweet; nevertheless, it is safe for your teeth.