You managed to prepare and arrange everything on your own – a fitting wedding dress, a delicious cake and the best venue. Everything is waiting for the moment you say – Yes I Do – to your sweetheart on a day of your wedding. Congratulations! You are a lucky bride. Nevertheless, however active you are, you cannot organize your wedding day by yourself without difficulties unless you are a superwoman with abilities to be at two places at the same time,

There is a necessity to think about a detailed plan of the wedding day. Who is familiar with the program and will welcome guests, arrange parking, negotiate with suppliers, move the guests to the wedding ceremony, solve unexpected questions at the place, while the bride will be focusing on her preparations?

That is why; wedding coordination is there for you. You can hire a wedding coordinator according to your needs whether it concerns only your wedding day or another particular purpose. The coordinator is to become your right hand and oversee the successful process of the entire wedding in order to make you happy. The wedding coordinator is available to you by your choice. Taking over all organizational issues, the person is often present at the wedding since the beginning of the day. Being there for you, the person also advises you in every situation with regards to every last detail.

The aim is to see your satisfaction and joy with which you spend your day and remember it for the rest of your life. Without doubt you can be absolutely sure that the chosen one is the right professional to fulfil your ideas and expectations.

Regarding our experience, we always arrive at the place in the early morning eliminating every possible problem which might occur. The coordinator’s work is very diverse during every wedding day; which is why, we have to deal with unexpected issues; and, more importantly, solve them all

The wedding coordinator is there to give brides and grooms advice and support. From arranging a peaceful arrival of guests and their welcome ,we handle with all suppliers, a photographer, and a live music band, and last but not least – we check overall decor.

After that all your guests are accompanied to the ceremony and we arrange wedding photographs. Observing wedding traditions is a question of duty for us. With regards to seating arrangement and a celebratory toast, we also take care about entertainment and other activities to secure flawless time of your feast.

With us you can enjoy your wedding day as much as you are willing to do in your deepest thoughts. No worries – we are here for you!