Why to choose Prague for your wedding?

You can find many romantic and suitable cities all around the world but just a few of them can offer you everything you need. Prague in particular deserves to take a part of the first class. That means you can vote for Prague to be the best location for your wedding; and, moreover, CzechWedds to become your wedding planner in Prague.

Scenic setting on the Vltava River, fairy-tale beauty (its city centre is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites), architecture and culture at every step through the cobbled lanes of Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and the Lesser Town, presided over by the historic Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, Prague is considered to be the unique romantic destination in the world.

Prague is ideal not only for weddings, but also for engagement, honeymoon, renewal of your wedding vows or simply to celebrate an anniversary. Love is always in the air in timeless Prague, so why not to start your fairy-tale there?

We offer you 10 reasons why to arrange your wedding in Prague

  1. The location

Prague is called “the heart of Europe”. If you take a look at a map, you will have to agree. The location is actually in the center of Europe. So it easily reachable for all your guests by air, car or rail from other countries. Prague Václav Havel Airport has regular flight connections with the rest of the world.

2. The atmosphere 

It may sound like a cliché but Prague has a unique atmosphere not only because of its history, being the center of St. Roman Empire, but also because of its own magic. The Golden City and its 100 spires would make an inspiring atmosphere for a dream wedding.

  1. The venues

The history and culture guarantee variety of magnificent locations ideal for a dream day. There are many possibilities for ceremonies and receptions from old churches, castles and richly gilded palaces, amazing gardens and ne-dining terraces; to lavish ballrooms and intimate boat rides.

  1. The variety

Prague is an international city where you can find everything according to your taste regardless of type of cuisine, venues, topic of your wedding day etc.. You can try the Czech cuisine but of course we can arrange for you a wide variety of world cuisines like French, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai and others.

The some means for venues. You can see a variety of historical buildings from the top of modern places like the Zizkovska Tower and the Dancing house to the oldest thePrague Castle, City Hall.

Whether your preferences represent an intimate event for your closest relatives or a bigger one for several hundred guests, Prague is certainly the perfect venue just for you.

  1. The value

If you plan your big day, you have to count with expenses but we fully understand that there is no need to ruin your bank account. Prague offers several advantages, while your expenses are lower than in the other Western European cities; the level of standards demanded is practically the same. This provides you higher budget on realizing your dreams.

  1. No language barrier

Companies, venues and restaurants in Prague are well equipped in terms of spoken languages, in particular English, German and Russian. Moreover, a demand for other languages is increasing as well. Therefore, you will be able to communicate your requests and details for planning your wedding in Prague exactly the way you want.

  1. The experience & reliability

The companies, venues, restaurants and planners across Prague that specialize in organizing and hosting weddings are skilled at more than just languages. They are used to work with foreigners and prepare every of your wishes.

  1. The photo possibilities

Prague is one of the world’s most photogenic cities – and the increasing number of visitors in streets is the lively evidence. You can not miss the places like Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral or a gold-tipped tower forming a perfect backdrop for your personal historical event.

  1. User – friendly

In comparison to other cities located in the heart of Europe, Prague has a benefit of being visitor friendly. You do not have to worry about the frustrating traffic jams. Instead of taking the public transport, you can easily walk through the historical center. Its intimate atmosphere, scenic setting and iconic landmarks at every turn will make your guests eager to explore the city on their own. Additionally, the legal process and paperwork required for getting married in Prague is straightforward, with no residency requirements.

  1. The talent

During the reign of Rudolph II, Prague attracted a large number of talented artists coming from the furthermost places of the region. Today, Prague is gaining even more as local and foreign talents settle down in the Czech capital city; which is why, once you decide to get married in Prague, you will be given a chance to choose from the best – from musicians to photographers, chefs, florists and stylists.